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The Wild Hearts Sanctuary
Story and Mission

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I never saw this coming, but life has a way of surprising us, right? Rehabilitating animals wasn't in my immediate plans; it was a distant dream. Then one day, my friend Tessa called. She had two baby raccoons in need of a place to crash. Every local animal shelter was packed, and these little guys had nowhere else to go. Tessa knew I lived nearby in the forest and loved animals, so she asked for a favor. Two tiny, three-week-old kits, blind and orphaned due to a road kill, landed on my doorstep. I couldn't say no. 


I was in the middle of building a tech startup, but since I worked from home, I figured, why not give these little critters a shot? It was love at first sight. Two innocent souls, victims of our reckless urban world. I made them a promise,—not just to raise them but to do everything I could to rehabilitate them into their natural habitat.


That summer, two more little ones joined the gang. By the end of my first rehab season, I'd released four happy, healthy raccoons back into the wild. It was a magical experience that got me thinking about something bigger—the Wild Hearts Sanctuary.


As I delved deeper into their minds and lives, the damage we humans were causing to animals with our roads, urban sprawl, hunting, and the meat industry was becoming even more apparent. I thought it would be just fair to give back and provide an environment where the little rescues could be protected. Sharing my adventure online, I also discovered that people were hungry for a renewed connection with nature. Despite our crazy modern lives, many haven't lost that love, compassion, and desire to make things better. The engagement with the posts, the likes, comments, and shares, showed me that if I could build a platform, I could maybe help rekindle our bond with our earthy cousins.


Then came Fairy, an orphaned fawn who showed up on my land, alone and looking for a friend. She was like a sign from the universe telling me it was time to turn this dream into reality. I couldn't shake the fear of her wandering into danger. I had to find her a Fairyland, somewhere she and her offspring could live in peace. 


Then, almost like magic, I stumbled upon an incredible piece of land—nearly 1000 acres of untouched wilderness nestled in the heart of the Laurentian mountains. This land, pieced up together over 47 years by a nature-loving soul, was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. It's hard to believe such a beautiful private property even exists. Buying it would shield it from developers, and instead, would become a haven for local wildlife and a stunning educational platform. Turning this land into an outdoor cinematic studio hub would create incredible content to share, hopefully inspiring millions of people.

So that's the story, that's how The Wild Hearts Sanctuary Project was born. It's Fairy's Fairyland in the making... 


If this project resonates with you, there are many ways you can join us in making this dream a reality. Whether it's a financial contribution, buying some cool merchandise, getting my book, or even joining my online fitness classes, every bit helps. You can also show your support by subscribing to our YouTube channel, with enough subscribers and views the channel will monetize and YouTube itself will help fund the project! And of course, sharing our videos, commenting, and giving them a thumbs-up helps the algorithm and boosts our morale! 


The love and support I have received online have been incredible, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to chase this dream. It's folks like you who will turn it into a reality.


Jeff & Your Animal Friends

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