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Welcome to
The Wild Hearts
animal sanctuary

"Somewhere In the heart of the Eastern Canadian wilderness, a vision unfolds—a vision for the creation of a world-class animal sanctuary."   Jeff Letendre

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🌿 Preserving Nature, Nurturing Life
At Wild Hearts Sanctuary, we're on a passionate journey to protect a precious 1000 acres from the threats of hunters and urban development. This untouched land is not just a sanctuary; it's a haven for the diverse and unique life that calls it home.

🦌 Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release

Our commitment goes beyond boundaries. We're here to rescue animals in need, mending their wounds and providing a bridge back to their natural homes. Witness their incredible stories of resilience as we rehabilitate them and watch them thrive where they belong.

🎥 Unveiling Nature's Wonders

Step into the heart of our sanctuary through our professional online video content. We're not just showcasing animals; we're promoting a fresh connection between humans and nature. Each video tells a story, fostering an understanding that will ignite a new love for our earthy cousins.

🌱 Living Green, Loving All

Wild Hearts Sanctuary advocates for a plant-based lifestyle that respects every creature, irrespective of their species. It's not just a choice; it's a celebration of life in all its forms. Join us in embracing a lifestyle that harmonizes with the rhythm of the natural world.

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Giving back
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Many ways you can support the creation of the sanctuary.
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Your donation and support will go towards the protection of a 1000-acre wild animal sanctuary.

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